A special day at McLaren

The iconic McLaren Technology Group throws out stats, which like the building itself, blows you away.
“The wind tunnel produces enormous heat and the vast lake that borders the MTC is used to keep it cool. This means the lake is 3-4 degrees warmer than other nearby bodies of water. The same lake water flows around the lower levels of the building down elegant steps. When the wind tunnel is being used regularly, the flow gets quicker. Include the fact that Woking’s power supplier has to be warned when the wind tunnel is used as it takes 3.5 megawatts of electricity and the resulting surge has to be compensated for! Details like that – like the lowered air pressure in in the canteen to keep food smells escaping into the rest of the building – are McLarenesque solutions to practical problems.”
The building itself is as stunning a construction as the cars inside it.

Paul Butler writes to say “After arriving at the car park at McLaren we were quickly transported away in a luxury black minibus, and very quickly we were presented with all I can describe as being similar to a villain’s lair from a James Bond film! – Once inside we were greeted by members of the McLaren’s team – amazing, this was Bruce’s daughter! This really did make the day special as she was so friendly and generous with her time.
We were split into two groups, first group we were treated to a view of the production line of the cars, amazingly with no machines in sight! These cars are totally built by hand and I can assure you no-one was doing a rush job. In front of us we could see the dynamic testing where the cars are road tested and then the “Monsoon” test area where the cars are subjected to 12k litres of water during a test!
We were then treated to a look at the vast number of Formula 1 cars on show at the front of the building, luckily rules had changed recently allowing us to take photographs! This wrapped up what was a very exciting tour of a facility that normally doesn’t allow visitors!”


And Phillip and Martina Reynolds say they loved the visit to McLaren for a number of reasons:-

1. It was very authentic with McLaren’s daughter doing the tour.

2. The building is spectacular but the only items in the building that had any colour were the cars, which is a deliberate policy of McLaren to keep the focus of staff on cars.

3. The area where they build cars is cleaner than a hospital operating theatre, quite astonishing, and of course the cars look amazing in all their various stages of build.

4. There were many F1 Winning cars on display which just reinforced the long sporting heritage that is McLaren.

5. And Phillip gleefully says “I even got permission to buy one from my wife – although there was a caveat, I would have to sell my other toys :)”

We’d love an update or a picture if this happens! (Although, many toys beat one toy?) H

Thanks to Paul Butler for these great pictures of a thoroughly enjoyable day!

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March 15 Lancaster Restoration – Duxford

About 20 Beaulieu One Hundred members were offered a unique opportunity of a private tour to visit the Battle Of Britain Memorial Lancaster during her Re-Fit. They managed to get behind the scenes to witness the only airworthy Lancaster in Europe get a new lease of life! They also had the opportunity to see the Blenheim as well as access to other Duxford exhibits/hangars on site. It was a fabulous day with glorious weather to boot!

With thanks to Vero Strucelj and Tony Vroon for taking pictures.

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Aston Martin Day

Spotted at the fabulous Aston Martin day which saw over 300 Aston Martins spill through Beaulieu.
Tim and Sarah Longthorpe with their Aston Martin Vantage G8

And David Watkinson with his 2 beauties which sat proudly near Fulling Mill.

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AT LAST! Social Programme 2017

After a slight interregnum to finalizing the programme for the year – due to factors out of our control – we are now live, loaded and ready with an exciting and varied programme for 2017!

Exclusive factory tours, museum visits and dinners, as well as invitations to join events being held by other organisations, along with complimentary access to the Beaulieu programme of events, can now be viewed on our social programme page.

Certain aspects are to be concluded on some events and these will be updated on here as well as conveyed to you in an email.

We hope there will be many opportunities for you to join your fellow members at events throughout the year.


We have a good selection of ideas for next year’s programme but always welcome suggestions and new thoughts – not necessarily motoring related – so please call me 01590 614634 or email heather.jackson@beaulieu.co.uk.

We thank you for your support of the Museum and its valuable work protecting our motoring heritage.

Heather Jackson
Membership Development Manager

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Beaulieu One Hundred Club Gala Dinner

It was all about the unique supercharged teardrop special – Bristol conversion at the 5th Beaulieu One Hundred Club Gala Dinner this year!

003jpp 013jpp

Over 70 Beaulieu One Hundred Members and guests attended this sparkling evening which began with drinks, canapés and live music in the motor museum. This gave everyone the chance to catch up with fellow members and their partners as well as meet and welcome new members to the event.

023jpp 053jpp

There was also the opportunity to explore the museum taking in the excellent exhibits and view Michael Waller’s Teardrop Special – Bristol conversion which was on proud display in the main entrance.

From here the ladies were transported to dinner on an old London bus where they were joined by the gentlemen outside the stunning 13th Century Domus, within Beaulieu Abbey, which provided the enchanting setting for our Gala Dinner!

Entering the atmospheric Domus was very special, with the huge fire roaring, exposed beams and the beautifully decorated tables. We were invited to sit at our tables to enjoy a sumptuous four course meal served by the extremely attentive staff.

001jpp 177jpp

The whole evening was delightful and ended with the traditional ‘end of evening’ auction where guests at the glamourous black tie event raised a dazzling £6000 for the National Motor Museum.

It was a really memorable night!

And for some it didn’t end there…

For Members and guests staying over on the Saturday night at The Master Builder’s Hotel, there was an opportunity, after a hearty New Forest Breakfast, to take their ‘special’ cars down the centre of Buckler’s Hard Village and park on the hill for a very unique photo opportunity (by kind permission of Jane Mills , Manager of Buckler’s Hard). With views over the Beaulieu River, it’s difficult to imagine a more picturesque setting!
This was then followed by a car tour of the New Forest, taking in the famous Ornamental Drive, passing the spectacular Rhinefield House Hotel and eventually arriving at the Sammy Miller Museum which houses one of the finest collections of fully restored motorcycles in Europe.

We took advantage of refreshments in the Tea Rooms where tables had been reserved for the Beaulieu One Hundred members before taking the opportunity to view the excellent collection of motorbikes, memorabilia and personal Sammy Miller artefacts. A fitting end to a memorable weekend!

Kaye Crouch

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Goodwood Revival 2016

Well, what a crowd puller that little Triumph TR2 was! It was unbelievable the amount of people that came on to our stand that either had one, or their father had one, or were busy tinkering with one.

The weather was rather wet and undecided on the Friday, soaking for the Saturday and brilliant for the Sunday, but funnily enough the Friday and the Saturday seem to have a bigger crowd and garnered more interest for the Museum and for the Beaulieu One Hundred. No, they weren’t seeking shelter from the rain!

It was good to see a strong membership turn out – but I imagine the event had more to do with that – than anything else!

What a great event Goodwood Revival is! The persona of the people seemed to alter perceptively as they became the clothes they wore. Gentleman seemed to come out, hats were doffed, as ladies walked by elegantly – it really was like stepping back in time.

It was good to meet a number of new members, I’m slowly getting to meet you all. Hopefully by the annual dinner on the 15th of October – which is the next item on the calendar – I will get to see you all.

I was almost tempted to adopt what would effectively be our youngest member Henry, who is 11 years old. What an interesting young man and such a pleasure to speak to. He and his brothers have built an MG and done all sorts of amazing things with their cars in France – their enthusiasm is refreshing and engaging. We have encouraged them to start a blog  – I hope you enjoy following their progress.

From here on some pictures of the weekend.

Colin and Fay HampsonGoodwood RevivalGoodwood Revival

Beaulieu Team at Goodwood Revival

Till the dinner, cheerio for now!

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House of Lords Dinner

For those of you who were unable to attend the Beaulieu One Hundred Dinner in the House of Lords to celebrate the life and achievements of Edward, 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu – it was a thoroughly enjoyable event. For those who were there, the evening was a great success, with a welcome and introduction from Lord Crathorne, and wonderful tributes from HRH Prince Michael of Kent and Lord Montagu of Beaulieu.

House of Lords DinnerHouse of Lords Beaulieu 100 Dinner

House of Lords HRH Prince Michael of KentHouse of Lords - Lord Montagu and John Surtees

These were followed by the auction of Edward Montagu’s motoring goggles in aid of the 350hp Sunbeam Gearbox Appeal, which were then gifted back by all the bidders involved and we are finding a suitable resting place for them within the Museum.

Not only did the Sunbeam break records – it appears we broke a few ourselves! On possibly the hottest day of the year, and with an incredible skill of auctioneering – from the supremely talented Robert Brooks – the auction enabled us to meet our deadline in raising the money for the Sunbeam Gearbox. The appeal was launched at Pendine Sands on 21st July 2015 – and a year to the day from the launch – we reached our goal to build a new gearbox and restore her to her former glory. The date also marks the 91st anniversary of the Sunbeam 350hp being the first car to reach 150mph.

House of Lords - Robert Brooks

Obviously going forward we will keep you updated with progress reports on the restoration and possible special inaugural run of the completed car when the gearbox is finally installed.

Thank you to those responsible for making this a memorable evening, and to Veronica Strucelj for the wonderful photographs.

Heather Jackson

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