Murray Walker Waves Off Rally From Beaulieu

Beaulieu One Hundred Honorary Member, the Legendary Murray Walker was flying the flag to start a 3,600-mile rally being staged in the national battle against one of Britain’s biggest killers of over 10,000 men in Britain every year.
Jaguars from the 1950s were given a rousing send off on June 12th for the Round Britain Coastal Drive (RBCD), to raise awareness of Prostate cancer and fund research into the disease.

From the start line, which was from the National Motor Museum, was Murray, a sprightly 93, who officially “flagged away” every single one of the classic Jaguars and their eager crew; an endurance event? Well it certainly was for Murray and no doubt will also be for the veterans, both cars and crews!

Murray said: “Although this is not a race it sounds like a great event. I wish the crews a really enjoyable drive.” A similar rally staged last year netted £60,000 and organisers are hoping that the 2017 event will be even more successful.
Self-confessed petrol head Brian Johnson, lead singer of rock band AC/DC and another visitor to The National Motor Museum described the event as a “fantastic adventure”. Praise indeed! From ACDC to RBCD!

After leaving Beaulieu on June 12 the cars will head for Exeter. They will visit various parts of England, Scotland and Wales before returning to Beaulieu on June 29.
Planning to take part in all 18 stages and pictured here in his 150 Drop Head Coupé is London-based XK Club member Patrick Hanratty who is currently being treated for prostate cancer, having already battled bowel cancer.

Murray, who lives near Fordingbridge, is a frequent visitor to Beaulieu and Beaulieu One Hundred member. His father Graham, who died in 1962, was the first curator of what was then the Montagu Motor Museum.
An RBCD spokesman said: “Few men even know where their prostate gland is, so encouraging them to learn and check will save lives.

Heather Jackson Beaulieu One Hundred Manager comments “When you realise the statistics, it emphasises just how significant and important this rally was. When I heard that Prostate cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in the UK with 130 cases being diagnosed every day – this race made sense”


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From Porsche to Supercar

Simply great to see a few members turn up for the biggest Beaulieu Simply Porsche yet, as more than 1,000 Porsches set a record the celebration of one of the best loved sports car marques. Nearly 2,000 visitors turned out and car numbers were 200 up on last year’s figures and continued the success of Beaulieu’s Simply rallies, following another record turn-out at Simply Ford in April.

Simply Porsche is one of eight Simply rallies in the 2017 Beaulieu season that are part of the Beaulieu One Hundred social Program where members are free to take part if any of them if they wish.


Simply VW is the next Simply rally on June 17th, followed by Simply Land Rover on June 25th, Simply Jaguar on July 9th, Simply Japanese on July 30th and Simply Smart on November 12th. Each event celebrates a particular marque or motoring theme, giving enthusiasts and attraction visitors the chance to see some of their favourite machines close up.

View the full release and related files here

As well as marking the above dates – don’t forget one of the highlights on the Beaulieu calendar is BEAULIEU SUPERCAR WEEKEND – AUGUST 5TH & 6TH . Put this in your diary now if you haven’t already!

With more than 400 incredible supercars already booked to attend, the Beaulieu Supercar Weekend on August 5th and 6th will be a celebration of high-octane motoring and an unmissable treat for any petrol-head this summer. Members have already been requested to reserve tickets ahead of the general public notification which goes out this week – if you are still interested in booking hospitality tickets before the July 21st deadline, call 01590 612888 or book online.

View the full release and related files here

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The 999 Show

Beaulieu One Hundred members were invited to a reception on Bank Holiday Monday to celebrate the start of Mary Montagu-Scott’s year in office as the new High Sheriff of Hampshire. It was a great day out where members mingled and caught up with each other, and even though the rain put in an occasional appearance, it did not spoil the day.

As many as 5,700 visitors turned out for Beaulieu’s The 999 Show to see action-packed demonstrations including a kidnap attempt featuring Southampton Football Club legend Francis Benali and a CSI Beaulieu murder mystery at Palace House.


Double-time marching military band performances by the Rifles Band Winchester and the rescue of a casualty from the scene of a crash in an extrication display were also highlights at the Bank Holiday Monday show which was held to celebrate the work of the emergency services.

The event in the grounds of the National Motor Museum saw police, fire and rescue, ambulance, judiciary, coastguard, National Health Service (NHS) and the prison and probation services talking to show-goers about their vital work.

Read more about The 999 Show in this press release

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Behind the Scenes: NMM Collection Centre

Two Behind the Scenes tours of the Collections Centre, Museum and Workshop took place this week.

The tours – one for Beaulieu One Hundred members and their guests, and the other for Lloyd’s Motor Club members, were a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who came.

Lloyd’s Motor Club, who had a large number of their members come through a year ago were a captivated audience. Fascinated by the size of the collection in the Reference Library fronted by Caroline Johnson and Patrick Collins; mesmerised by the old film footage shown to them by Sarah Wyatt in the Film and Video department and blown away by nuggets of information about the preservation of our Photographic collection as told to them by Mandy Schaller and Tim Woodcock and then it was down into the basement to meet up with Gail Stewart Bye – Curator of Objects – who lets people open drawers and discover what incredible objects lie within. This culminated with a great finale in the workshop where Chief Engineer and Museum Manager Doug Hill held them captive with all the jobs on the go in the small workshop, finally knocking their socks off with a great engine start up.

We finally managed to prise them away for some lovely lunch where they wanted to show their appreciation and made an on the spot donation to the Trusts adopt a book scheme. After lunch they went back into the museum and lost themselves amongst all the exhibits.

We have had a lovely letter from John H about the great day where he says…

Just a short note as promised to provide my contact details but more importantly ..thank you, Patrick, Dominic, Doug & your other colleagues for a truly  great day yesterday. I feel the only adjective appropriate is ‘Passionate’….”

And a great tweet from James Pepe, who made the tour in the nick of time!

Thank you both!

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Spring Autojumble

Along with a great number of visitors on the search for that elusive something, this weekend was another great opportunity for the Beaulieu One Hundred to meet and catch up with each other in the lovely sun at our 24th Beaulieu Spring Autojumble.
It was the obvious place for them to come and search for those classic car parts and automobilia. Spring Autojumble, on May 13th and 14th, was also the perfect setting for the enthusiasts among them to catch-up and refuel their enthusiasm for classic car projects.
It was good to meet up with you all and find out what projects you are on! We also had two new members join us on the day and I look forward to you meeting up with them on our various outings and events.

Read more about the great day or follow the Autojumble story on social media:

Twitter @Beaulieu_Hants

Facebook at

and Instagram @national_motor_museum with #autojumble.

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Petroliana & Private Car Collection Tour

 3 May 2017
On a chilly Wednesday in May members of the Beaulieu One Hundred were treated to exclusive tours of two of the finest motoring related private collections in the country.

Alan Chandler’s Petroliana Collection:
Alan is the consummate professional. Having placed Beaulieu One Hundred signs at the key junctions approaching his magnificent home, parking was clearly signed on arrival and he had even placed his Bentley in the initial spot so that when it was time to depart for lunch, he would be in place to lead the convoy – for which he had produced a hand-out with directions to the pub and his phone number should anyone get lost en route! Danish pastries and hot drinks were ready in Alan’s extraordinary study which gave a preamble of what we were to experience while he explained the background to his passion.
Alan’s eye for detail is evident when he talks about Petroliana.

His interest began incidentally when having built a new garage he was presented with the problem of filling the empty walls with a few period garage signs and artefacts to create some atmosphere.
Through his collection, Alan tells the story of the advent of motoring and the evolution of ‘motor spirit’ and its distribution with encyclopedic knowledge and infectious enthusiasm. He tells the same story that Beaulieu endeavors to tell but via the medium of Petroliana. Alan unashamedly says that he is no longer a car enthusiast but has become a true ‘Petrol Head’ and he is justifiably proud of having accumulated the finest collection of petrol pumps, globes, enamel signs, promotional literature and sales aids, each of which has its own story which Alan is able to recall at will.

It is easier to direct you to his website where you can go on a virtual tour to see his wonderful collection.

This was a fantastic visit to a unique collection described by a passionate collector who with his wife Vanessa, made us all extremely welcome to their beautiful home.
Lunch had already been arranged by Alan at the Duke of Cambridge pub which was on the way to our afternoon tour of another amazing collection; this time of magnificent cars and with more beautiful examples of Petroliana as well.

Robert and Tanya Lewis’s car collection:
Robert began collecting cars relatively recently but clearly has an aptitude for it! The part of the collection we saw is housed in four superbly presented show halls adorned with examples of Petroliana to create a wonderful atmosphere of motoring nostalgia that any motor museum would be envious of. It is a feast of spectacular cars from the Lamborghini Mura which greets you as you enter behind which sits a 100 point concours Mercedes 300 Gullwing restored by the factory and the only car in the collection which Alan admits is not regularly ‘exercised’.

Robert is proud of his OCD inclinations (something many of us know a little about!) and with his team of engineers he restores all the cars he acquires to new (rather than ‘better than new’ – he is proud of the poor welding on his Mura which he says is exactly as it was delivered from the factory!)


Each hall was a treasure trove of magnificently restored 20th Century cars. Robert also has a growing collection of contemporary supercars but we left that for another day.
It would be difficult to choose a favourite from this collection. The Mura was certainly stunning but the Gullwing was beyond immaculate, however it would be a mistake to overlook the more modest models: the Mini Cooper S – chassis number three with one previous owner from new, the Daimler Dart (the ‘marmite’ sports car), the Healey and the magnificent MGA – and that is just some of the choices from the first hall of cars!
In the other halls were vehicles as diverse as an Austin Seven to a C-type Jaguar, from Lagondas to a Triumph Dolomite (that’s from the 1930’s rather than the 1970’s), and from a Juan Pablo Montoya/Ralph Schumacher Williams to a Peel P50.

What a fantastic day and our gratitude goes to the generosity of our two hosts Alan and Robert. Thank you.

Mike Timmins

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A special day at McLaren

The iconic McLaren Technology Group throws out stats, which like the building itself, blows you away.
“The wind tunnel produces enormous heat and the vast lake that borders the MTC is used to keep it cool. This means the lake is 3-4 degrees warmer than other nearby bodies of water. The same lake water flows around the lower levels of the building down elegant steps. When the wind tunnel is being used regularly, the flow gets quicker. Include the fact that Woking’s power supplier has to be warned when the wind tunnel is used as it takes 3.5 megawatts of electricity and the resulting surge has to be compensated for! Details like that – like the lowered air pressure in in the canteen to keep food smells escaping into the rest of the building – are McLarenesque solutions to practical problems.”
The building itself is as stunning a construction as the cars inside it.

Paul Butler writes to say “After arriving at the car park at McLaren we were quickly transported away in a luxury black minibus, and very quickly we were presented with all I can describe as being similar to a villain’s lair from a James Bond film! – Once inside we were greeted by members of the McLaren’s team – amazing, this was Bruce’s daughter! This really did make the day special as she was so friendly and generous with her time.
We were split into two groups, first group we were treated to a view of the production line of the cars, amazingly with no machines in sight! These cars are totally built by hand and I can assure you no-one was doing a rush job. In front of us we could see the dynamic testing where the cars are road tested and then the “Monsoon” test area where the cars are subjected to 12k litres of water during a test!
We were then treated to a look at the vast number of Formula 1 cars on show at the front of the building, luckily rules had changed recently allowing us to take photographs! This wrapped up what was a very exciting tour of a facility that normally doesn’t allow visitors!”


And Phillip and Martina Reynolds say they loved the visit to McLaren for a number of reasons:-

1. It was very authentic with McLaren’s daughter doing the tour.

2. The building is spectacular but the only items in the building that had any colour were the cars, which is a deliberate policy of McLaren to keep the focus of staff on cars.

3. The area where they build cars is cleaner than a hospital operating theatre, quite astonishing, and of course the cars look amazing in all their various stages of build.

4. There were many F1 Winning cars on display which just reinforced the long sporting heritage that is McLaren.

5. And Phillip gleefully says “I even got permission to buy one from my wife – although there was a caveat, I would have to sell my other toys :)”

We’d love an update or a picture if this happens! (Although, many toys beat one toy?) H

Thanks to Paul Butler for these great pictures of a thoroughly enjoyable day!

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